You know that you are in Palo Alto when…

You know that you are in Palo Alto when…

You know that you are in Palo Alto when 1. You see that everyone wears Patagonia clothing during the Fall and Winter.   You know that you are in palo alto when

2. There are more real estate ads in the local newspapers than news.


Bing Nursery

3. You or someone you know has had a child on the Bing’s waitlist for a few years.



4. When most of your friends come from outside the United States.


The Dish

5. You or a close friend walk the Dish for regular exercise.


Palo Alto free parking 6. You get free downtown parking.


Tesla 7. You can spot at least (10 ) 30 Teslas on any given day.


Bikes in Palo Alto 8. You see bikes that you never knew existed.


Startups in Palo Alto 9. “Startup” is the most used combination word in conversations.


Real estate in Palo Alto 10. Your current home is one quarter the size of your previous home and worth three times the price.


VCs in Palo Alto

11. Every other person you meet at a party is an investor, a VC or a serial entrepreneur.


Stanford University Palo Alto 12. You don’t actually “Fear the Tree” but go out of your way to support the tree.


Philz Coffee Palo Alto

13. You and 100 other people are in a line at Philz Coffee.


Downtown Palo Alto

14. You can get to anywhere in the city in less than 10 minutes.



Education in Palo Alto

15. Most people say that they moved here for the education or to work in high tech or both.


Organic foods in Palo Alto 16. Organic foods are the norm.


Restaurants in Palo Alto 17. You can experience a different country every night via your palate.


Lululemon in Palo Alto

18. Lululemon is a household name.


Google and Facebook Palo Alto

19. Five of your friends work for Facebook or Google.


Palo Alto school board

20. Your local school board candidates’ resumes make them look like they are running for presidential elections.


Hope we nailed it!  Let us know what you think of Palo Alto or which one is your favorite.

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22 thoughts on “You know that you are in Palo Alto when…”

  1. Great website; I have forwarded the blog to my coworkers. The “You know that you are in Palo Alto” post is very funny. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. You know you are in Palo Alto when:

    . Everyone is bored on the WE
    . There are no good places to go out at night
    . Restaurants are over-priced and mediocre

  3. Excellent! We moved to Palo Alto from London 3 years ago and this just sums it up. My favourite is number 9. I can’t wait to read more of your posts. This one truly made my day. Also the illustrations are just amazing.

  4. Hey, thank you for sharing this! Enjoyed reading it. We moved to PA two weeks back and can relate to atleast half of the points listed here :-)

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