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unique birthday party palo alto


Year after year, it is always nerve racking for me to come up with unique kids birthday party ideas. I have done tea party, lady bug party, spa, park, golf, just to name a few. So I understand how challenging this can be for many busy parents. Would you like to plan a unique Birthday Party for your daughter or son but you find it difficult to decide what to do or what is available? Here are some unique birthday party places for kids, in Palo Alto, where you can host a stress-free, memorable birthday party that your kid and his or her guests will surely remember for a long time to come.




Kara’s Cupcake
Kara’s Cupcakes puts at your disposal hand-made, freshly baked cakes and cupcakes. If you have a son or daughter 4 and up, who is having a birthday, loves to help with the baking, or who just enjoys the sweeter things in life, what better way to celebrate and get creative than with a cupcake or cookie decorating party? Kara’s Cupcakes offers a wonderful experience, and the great thing is, you don’t have to clean up after a creative cake decorating session. For more information on prices and schedules, please visit their party site to book your next party.




Snip Its

Snip its is not only know for gret kid hircuts. They also offer four fun-filled birthday party options for your little one to choose from: Glamour, Hollywood, Rock Star and Spa Party, and all you have to do it cover the bill. They have an in-house party planner who will provide everything, from themed cupcakes and cake to decor and glamorous outfits for the attendees. Although the maximum capacity is twelve, sometimes you also have the option of renting the entire space after hours, so you can have more attendees.  I recently held a spa party for my daughter as she celebrated her 7th birthday, and it was a wonderful event. It’s definitely a lot of fun for the kids, and no hassle for the parents at all! Located in Tow and Country Shopping Center. Check out Snip-its Palo Alto


Sur la table unique birthday party palo alto


Sur La Table
If your kid is dreaming of a cooking-themed birthday party, then Sur la Table is more than likely the best possible solution. You will be offered a fully personalized, delicious experience: and will be able to choose your favourite instructor, your menu, and even the setting. The best part is that you will not have to worry about shopping or cleaning up after the party. I recently attended my girlfriend’s daughter’s 9th birthday party and it was a blast. The kids prepared pasta from scratch, meatballs, lava cake, and salad. Got allergies? Let the know and they will help customize the menu to include other options for kids with allergies.  For more information, please visit their Palo Alto lacation in the Town and Country Shopping Center or their website, to book your cooking party.





Palo Alto Art Center
If your child is aged 5 to 12, the Palo Alto Art Center is the perfect setting for a hands-on birthday party project. There are three party options to choose from to bring out the artist in your little one: Fantasy Mask; Print Making: Magical Multiples; and Clay Sculpture. Everything will be closely supervised by an Art Center staff person. Just keep in mind that you need to book at last 2 weeks prior to the birthday party, and they are only held on Sundays. You can find the necessary documents and the email address to submit them to here.



Happy kids playing


Gorilla Play
Gorilla Play Day has been designed for kids aged 3 to 11. So, if you are looking for a fun-filled, energetic, and sports-related birthday program, then Gorilla Play Day makes a great choice. All the games and activities will be tailored to match not only the age of the children, but also their hobbies and interests. You can even opt for a specific theme at your desired location. For more information, you can contact them here.


lisa's tea treasures los alto palo alto unique party


Lisa’s Tea Treasures Los Altos (notable mention)
When my daughter celebrated her 5th birthday, we hosted a high tea birthday party for her that she may never forget. The service, food selections and place settings were all very authentic, even the little girl’s attires were “very fancy”. If you are dreaming of an exquisite English-style tea birthday party, then Lisa’s Tea Treasures is the place to book! You can choose one of the three available private rooms and enjoy the elegant, Victorian-styled atmosphere they provide.  If your child is not into authentic tea celebration, you can also choose a “less fancy” option.  For more information, you can visit their website.


create it unique birthday party palo alto



Create It
If you are looking for a creative, unique birthday party, then the Create It ceramic and glass studio is the place to choose! The studio offers you the possibility to organize fun-filled, interactive pottery painting or glass fusion parties. You can choose between Sports Themed Parties, Princess/Frozen Themed Parties, off-site parties, DeLuxe parties, Creativity parties, or Closed Studio parties. There is something available for all tastes! For more information, contact them at 650-323-1515 or by mail at jackie.createit@gmail.com. If you prefer, you can visit their website: http://createitceramics.com/



timothy adams unique party palo alto


Timothy Adams
When it comes to delicious foods, there aren’t many things kids love more than chocolate. So, if you are looking for a delicious, sweet way to wish your child ‘Happy Birthday’, Timothy Adams Chocolates is just the ideal location. From hands-on workshops to numerous chocolate delicacies, everything has been thought out to deliver a unique experience.  Your child will be guided every step of the way by owners and chocolatiers, Tmothy Woods and Adam Holland. More information about this dowtown Palo Alto chocolate oasis can be obtained at + 1 415 755 8923 or o their website.


brain vyne birthday unique party palo alto


Brain Vyne
Brain Vyne offers you the possibility to organize a unique birthday party for your child. Their LEGO® themed parties will keep the young ones entertained, while stimulating their imagination and creativity. You can opt for one of the two available types of parties: LEGO® Zoom and LEGO® Robotics and both option in their Palo Alto location or a locatio of your choice. For more information, please visit their website.



my gym unique party palo alto


My Gym
Aiming at developing healthy minds and bodies, My Gym puts at your disposal facilities that will ensure a safe, fun, and non-competitive atmosphere for your unique birthday party. Under the guidance of birthday party specialists, the kids will be able to enjoy action-packed activities and games, puppets, or songs. For more information and videos, visit the midtown Palo Alto locatio ad speak with Kiki ad her crew to help you create your unique birthday party or visit My Gym online.


As you can see, the Palo Alto area offers a wide array of possibilities for organizing that special birthday party your little ones – and not so little ones – have been dreaming of. All you have to do is choose the option that best suits your budget, schedule, and your kids’preferences. If you are still looking for birthday party ideas in Palo Alto, then check out one of our earlier post.

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      1. AA, pleased that you have found something where your children are happy. I think that this is key. The good thing about living in this area, is that there are many options to choose from. Unfortunately, we did not have the most pleasant experience at a bilingual school. I describe the experience in an earlier post. I am sure that it was a great school, but it did not work out for us. Being fluent in one language and conversational in three others, I can appreciate kids learning languages at an early age.

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