Ten great Valentine’s Day menu options for every budget in Palo Alto

Valentine's Day in Palo Alto  


Maybe you are one of those organized, lucky or determined folks who have already chosen your perfect spot for Valentine’s Day dinner. Or if you are like me, you wait until the last minute to reserve a table, at an area restaurant, to spend some quality time while enjoying a great meal with your spouse. The wonderful thing about living in the Palo Alto area is that there are lots of dining options, and for Valentine’s Day, we wanted to offer lots of options based on menu, atmosphere and most importantly, cost. Here are ten great Valentine’s Day menu options for every budget in Palo Alto.



Madera Sand Hill Valentine's Day 

Madera at Sand Hill $125

Madera, located in Rosewood Sand Hill on Sand Hill Road, is a fantastic place to spend Valentine’s Day. Madera boasts of an intimate bespoke and romantic atmosphere and food that does not disappoint. With tantalizing menu items like Hawaiian Walu, Liberty Farms Ducks, and Lychee Rose, your special one will not be disappointed. Check out their $125 fixed price menu. To make a reservation contact: (650) 561-1540. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/579fd9ce03596ed4bfa11879/t/58866315d482e99da9a61c4e/1485202197691/menu_Valentines_2017.pdf


Sain Michael's Abbey Palo Alto Valentine's Day


Saint Michael Alley $95

Saint Michael’s Abbey is a known around Palo Alto as the most romantic restaurant and located in the heart of Palo Alto on Homer Street.  It offers a quaint and welcoming atmosphere with a menu that speaks volume.  Their $95 Pre Fixe menu features items like Tuna Carpaccio,  Grilled Filet Mignon with Truffle  Sauce and Thai Red Curry Carrot Bisque. Check out their menu http://www.stmikes.com/. To make a reservation please call: 650) 326-2530.


Couple Drinking Glasses of Cognac



Quattro at Four Seasons $275

Filled with romance this Valentines and looking for a great place enjoy Valentine’s Day Dinner? Quattro at Four Seasons offers the ultimate atmosphere and an inspiring menu of Wagyu Rib Eye, Sea Urchin, and White Truffle.  Come hungry, as you will be transformed through a seven-course culinary journey. The Pre Fixe menu price is $275. Book your table (650) 566-120.  http://quattrorestaurant.com/romantic-valentines-day-7-course-dinner/


Sea By Alexander Valentine's Day Palo Alto


Sea by Alexander Steakhouse $175

The Sea by Alexander Steakhouse is located in Southern Palo Alto on El Camino. This restaurant boasts of a fantastic marriage of land and sea. This Valentine’s Day they won’t disappoint. Check out their $175 Pre Fixe menu for more information contact (650) 213-1111. Link to Menu http://theseausa.com/files/TheSeaVDAY.pdf


Tamarine Restaurant Valentine's Day Palo Alto 


Tamarine $90

Tamarine, located on University Avenue, is a great modern place to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Last year, my husband and I were lucky enough to get a table and to experience an amazing gastronomical feast while surrounded by beautiful artwork.  Their $90 Pre Fixe tasting menu boasts of  Seared Branzino Bass, Chocolate Fondue and Grilled Oyster Gratin, and worked disappoint the romantics at heart. Telephone 650 325 8500. The link to Menu https://tamarinerestaurant.com/


Calafia Palo Alto Valentine's Day



Calafia $80 Vegetarian,  $110 Regular

Calafia, located in Town and Country Shopping Center is a place where both meat and plant eaters can both enjoy a meal made to suit the palate With experienced specialists, Calafia café offers delicious foods farm to market foods in friendly relaxed atmosphere. The pre fixe vegetarian menu is $80 and the meat eater menu is $110. Telephone (650) 322-9200. https://calafiapaloalto.com/menu/#valentines-day


Dinah's Poolside Restaurant Palo Alto Valentine's Day


Dinah’s Poolside Restaurant $65

Dinah’s Poolside Restaurant is located in Dinah’s Garden Hotel Palo Alto, in Southern Palo Alto.  Dinah’s Poolside Restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining options in a very relaxed environment. With menu items like sweet potato and lobster Bisque and Valrhona Chocolate Mousse. Their $65 Pre Fixe menu will not disappoint. Book your reservation at (650) 798-1314. http://media.dinahshotel.com/d/dinahshotel/media/pdf/2.14.17_Valentines_Day_menu_e78f8e.pdf


Buca di Beppo Valentine's Day Palo Alto



Buca Di Beppo $49.99

Buca di Beppo is located in downtown Palo Alto on Emerson Street, and if you and your spouse are Italian food lover, don’t hesitate to go Buca di Beppo for Valentine’s Day. Their appetizing menu items include heart-shaped lasagna and chocolate chip cannoli. The pre fixe menu price is one of the lowest at $49.99.  http://www.bucadibeppo.com/valentines-day-reservations/


Pampas Valentine's Day Palo Alto



Pampas $68

A very popular Valentine’s Day hang out spot, Pampas is located at 529 Alma Street. The atmosphere is a bit more festive than romantic, however the food is quite the experience and their $68 Pre Fix menu includes Unlimited Rodizio & Sidebar, Glass of Sparkling French Brut Call Telephone 650) 327-1323. Menu link: https://www.facebook.com/pampaspaloalto/


Vino Local Valentine's Day Palo Alto



Vino Locale $80.00

Vino Locale located in Downtown Palo Alto, is part wine bar part restaurant. And on Valentine’s Day what better place to toast the night away than a being surrounded by a myriad of art, wines from around the world and live entertainment. Vino Locale wants you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Pre Fixe tasting menu of $80. The four-course menu features items like Butter-Poached Lobster and Red Velvet Cake. Contact them at (650)328-0450 to book your table. Please see menu link: http://www.vinolocale.com/valentines-day/

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