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5 Things I did to help my son become a better reader

I help my son become a better reader

my 9 year old son


5 things I did to help my son become a better reader

Here are five things I did to help my sone become a better reader: Those of you who are blessed with sons who embrace reading from a very young age, a glass of wine to you! But for many of us it is an ongoing battle. When my son was younger I was faced with the great challenge of how to help nurture in him a love of reading. It was always a struggle, especially when it came to having him read books that were at his level. At his previous school in New York, Hackley School, he was not the worst reader at all, but I always felt that he needed to build his reading stamina, and be encouraged to pick up a book on his own without me directing him to do so. His school had an excellent reading program and there was a reading specialist on the staff to guide the reading curriculum in the classroom, as well as to identify where every child was on the reading spectrum.

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Palo Alto Neighborhoods


Palo Alto neighborhoods

There are a multitude of factors to be considered when one is looking to relocate, and finding a new place to call ‘home’. Even within a single city, the general atmosphere, as well as the facilities available, can drastically change when moving from one neighborhood to another. In Palo Alto, there are a variety of areas, all promising different living experiences, to choose from. Today we shall attempt to talk about some of these regions, just to get a sense of what they are like, and to make a comparison among them much easier.

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