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The New Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital Grand Opening Did Not Disappoint


A few weeks ago, my children and I had the wonderful opportunity to view the new Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at its grand opening. The new facility, which includes added square footage, making it the largest children’s hospital in North America and the most technologically advanced in the world, is nothing short of spectacular. 
The hospital was designed to advance health care in a world of ever-evolving innovative technology. New technologies such as robotic surgery and next-generation imaging tools will improve the way patients are cared for. Fortunately, more families will be able to benefit from this state of the art facility with the expansion of surgery, imaging, and diagnostic capacity and incorporating the latest technology to allow kids the opportunity to have the best and most coordinated, collaborative care, and of course lots of beds. 
There was a strong emphasis placed on the needs of families during the design and construction of the new hospital. The facility boasts of well-designed bedroom suites not only for the comfort of its young patients, but also to accommodate parents. The suites all have tub and shower; two television screens; smart room designs with features such as caring team members names will pop up on the screen when they enter the room; family offices, so parents can have some quiet work time; simple design elements, like floors that absorb sound so patients and loved ones are not distracted by constant heavy walking. 

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There are other neat features at the new hospital like the healing garden, outdoor play areas, indoor play areas, Harvest Cafe, Tribute Wall, the amazing art pieces, and so much more. 
Since our three children have had surgery at the old facility, and at that time we felt that it was still cutting edge, we wanted to know the fate of the old facility. We were told that it will focus on neonatal careOh, how I wish our experience was at this new facility.  They certainly would not be able to get rid of us.  Those of you who will be having your children at the new hospital, you are lucky. Your children will be very well taken care of, with the most advanced technology and in the care of some of the world’s best doctors.  The environment will help put you in a better frame of mind, no matter what your family may be going through. This facility is truly a gem and will be fully opened in December.  

Seeing is believing!