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Stanford Dish will be closed starting next Monday: here is a great alternative

why is the Stanford Dish closed


If you are like many people in Palo Alto and surrounding areas, you may use the Dish for regular exercise, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, clearing your mind, or just having a great moment with your family.  Sadly, for many including my family, the Dish will be closed from July 13th to August 16th.

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My First Mother’s Day In Palo Alto and the start of a great tradition

mother's day in Palo Alto 1
My lovely kids



Last Mother’s Day, which was extremely poignant for me because it was the first Mother’s Day since my mother had passed, my husband arranged for me to spend the weekend in Yountville, Napa Valley Area. He felt that I needed some time to relax, reflect and cry.  The meaning of Mother’s Day changed for me last year. 

This year, even if I had insisted on spending Mother’s Day at some swanky hotel, touring wineries, being in total solitude and sobbing that Mother’s Day will never be the same again, my kids would not have let me. My 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter have a vested interest in how I spend Mother’s Day – and they wanted to enjoy it with me. How could I have it any other way? They had planned the entire day with their dad’s help and, after all, I should be celebrating with them as they single-handedly made me a mother.  Continue reading

Is Barron Park neighborhood one of the best kept secrets in Palo Alto?

bol park donkey
Bob Frost donkey handler

We have been living in Palo Alto for almost 2 years now and one neighborhood that has been highly rated for many reasons is the Barron Park neighborhood. One of the experts on this neighborhood is none other than Gwen Luce who is a long-time resident and a renowned real estate agent in the community.  Here is what she had to say about Barron Park: Continue reading

Holiday shopping at the Palo Alto Grocery Outlet


grocery outlet palo alto9


It is that time of year again! The holidays is a time for cooking and baking, cheering and celebrating.  This year we have decided that we want to enjoy our first Christmas in Palo Alto, and have abandoned our traditional travel plans, which always allowed us to travel away from home during all or part of the holiday season.

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10 unique gift items for the kids on your shopping list

christmas gift


During the holiday season, we often find it to be a bit of a challenge shopping for the kids of our list, who truly deserve something unique, or may seem to have it all.  Here are a list of 10 items that takes it up a notch.  Continue reading

Food delivery in Palo Alto

Food delivery in Palo Alto makes life easy


food delivery in Palo alto



One of the most important, or at least the most time consuming, decisions facing most of us every single day is ‘what to eat?’.  It’s a question that continues to hunt us, especially if we are tasked with feeding our family. It almost seems like a constant melody that echos more at the end of the day – that never ending chorus of ‘What’s for dinner?’. Things are getting easier here is Palo Alto, though, with a number of companies that provide solutions to all our food related needs – from delivery ‘ready to cook’ meals, to ordering from a chef directly, to connecting you and your favorite restaurant. Continue reading

Choosing an elementary school in Palo Alto

Palo alto schools


Choosing an elementary school in Palo Alto is easy

As parents we all know that decisions about our children’s future, particularly when it comes to choosing the ‘right’ school, can be a major source of stress and anxiety.  It can feel like so much is riding on these choices, that the outcome could make or destroy the futures of our precious babies.   Continue reading

Top 10 apps and websites that our family loves

Top 10 apps and websites that our family loves

Family life for us is very busy.  Every now and then we need an app or two or even a website to come to our rescue. Here are the top  10 apps and websites that our family loves.


1. iPiccy online photo editor:


iPiccy photo editor

Who does not want to look great in photos? I have been using iPiccy for the past 5 years to edit my photos as well as create amazing graphic designs. The ease and simplicity of this free photo editing app and web-based product makes it a winner in our household. Professional photographers and amateurs alike use iPiccy’s photo editor to put their best images out.  In my household we truly enjoy taking pictures. So we snap photos first and edit later with iPiccy, and we love the results. iPiccy photo editor

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