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5 Things I did to help my son become a better reader

I help my son become a better reader

my 9 year old son


5 things I did to help my son become a better reader

Here are five things I did to help my sone become a better reader: Those of you who are blessed with sons who embrace reading from a very young age, a glass of wine to you! But for many of us it is an ongoing battle. When my son was younger I was faced with the great challenge of how to help nurture in him a love of reading. It was always a struggle, especially when it came to having him read books that were at his level. At his previous school in New York, Hackley School, he was not the worst reader at all, but I always felt that he needed to build his reading stamina, and be encouraged to pick up a book on his own without me directing him to do so. His school had an excellent reading program and there was a reading specialist on the staff to guide the reading curriculum in the classroom, as well as to identify where every child was on the reading spectrum.

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5 Date night restaurants in Palo Alto we love

Date night restaurants in Palo Alto

couple dining


5 Date night restaurants in Palo Alto we love

I truly enjoy spending quality time with my husband, and raising 3 children makes it even more challenging to do so. The person who invented date night may have had us on mind as this is just the fix that helps sustain our relationship and makes us realize that among all the chaos, we need to make time for us.

Our key to choosing a winner date is great food, great atmosphere, ability to connect. Here are our top 5 date night restaurants in Palo Alto that fulfills our date night craves

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Online Dating: How I found love online


Love Online


How I found love online

This is a personal story very close to my heart! It’s about a time, way back when we knew very little about the vast black-hole that was the internet. People still used super slow dial-up connections, and we were kind of wary about sharing any information online. It was in this climate of skepticism and resistance that chatrooms on various interests began to appear. Chatting started to become popular, and was considered exciting, if slightly risqué, and provided a mechanism for the internet to start connecting people from around the world. Out of this medium instant message was born. Fifteen years ago, I met my husband online, on AOL. He sent me an instant message by searching the AOL communities. This was back when you needed to purchase a monthly subscription to be able to connect to the internet, and thinking up unique usernames was almost as much fun as finding all kinds of different people to befriend in the AOL communities. Sending photos, however, was definitely not feasible, and everyone banked on the anonymity the internet gave us to be more comfortable with this new mode of communication. I was not looking for love online, but it found me.

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