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My son’s low stress 3rd birthday party

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Our younger son turned 3 last Friday, and we were elated to celebrate with him on his birthday. For our family 3rd birthdays are a big deal as we think that it is the right age that they truly can appreciate a birthday party and can be active participants. For our first two children, we went all out on 3rd birthday parties, (custom cakes, personalized favors, custom invitations mailed out, large rented spaces, more stress) and it may just be a New York thing to do. Moving here to Palo Alto, we are gradually learning that low key birthday parties are welcome, and for Ronan, having his party in Los Robles Park, one of the many parks that surround Palo Alto was just right. He is king of the playground, and extremely active, so it was a no brainer that we highly endorse park parties, especially for younger active children. Read our post about  birthday party ideas for kids in Palo Alto.  

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10 Birthday party ideas for kids in Palo Alto

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Palo Alto birthday party ideas


For most kids (and some adults), there is no day more special than their birthday! They might not understand what it means to be a year older, nor visualize all the responsibilities that adulthood brings, but they definitely know they will get cake, presents, and tons of special attention on this day! Personally, I think birthday parties are a way of showing my love to my children, and hoping they understand that this day, I am celebrating their uniqueness, and my joy at having them in my life. Every year, I start thinking well in advance of my eldest son and daughter’s birthdays to try to come up with a new and fun way to style their birthday bashes. (I start birthday parties at 3 years, so my 2 year old will have one next year).  Continue reading