Sweet Family Holiday Fun: Decorating Gingerbread Houses at the Four Seasons

Sweet family holiday fun decorating gengerbread houses at the four seasons


This past Sunday, our family was invited by the Four Seasons Silicon Valley, to their first annual gingerbread decorating workshop, which is part of their ongoing Quattro Events and Four Seasons Entertain (U)niversity.


Four seasons gingerread decorating 2


We really did not know what to expect, especially since we have never been part of such a workshop, and, since it was their first, there was no past blueprint to follow. However, we were confident that this event would be fun to attend and would enhance our holiday experience in Palo Alto.


four seasons gingerbread decorating 14four seasons gingerbread decoarting5four seasons gingerbread decorating candy bar 2four seasons gingerbread decorating candy bar 4 (1)four seasons gingerbread decorating 25four seasons gingerbread decorating 26


The Four Seasons Silicon Valley’s Executive Pastry Chef, Eric Keppler, outdid himself with the preparation for this sold out event. He was the mastermind behind this workshop and started preparing for it months ahead. He wanted this event to be both festive and an excellent learning opportunity for all the attendants. And, by keeping in line with the Four Seasons solid reputation, the event offered an upgrade to a traditional gingerbread decorating workshop.




No details were overlooked. In the Ballroom, there were gingerbread houses already assembled on the tables ready for their makeover, and icing along with piping bags. There was a very generous candy bar, completed with festive-themed candy and sweet and savory treats, aprons, hats, and name tags for decorators. To keep the festive atmosphere going, outside the Ballroom, there was a dessert table which included a wide variety of  delightful desserts and signature beverages, both virgin and alcoholic.


Four seasons gingerbread decorating 11 four seasons gingerbread decorating workshop 8 four seasons silicon valley sangriafour seasons gingerbread decorating party2four seasons gingerbread decorating party4four seasons gingerbread decorating party 3Four seasons gingerbread decorating partyfour seasons palo alto gingerbread decorating (2)four seasons palo alto gingerbread decorating


The workshop led by Chef Eric, offered simple and easy to follow instructions. Understanding the foundation of what makes a great gingerbread house was a key factor, although creativity also played a major role.


four seasons quattro executive chef and executive pastry chef
Quattro Executive Chef, Marco Forssati and his family, with Executive Pastry Chef Eric Keppler

four seasons gingerbread decorating 18 four seasons gingerbread decorating 19 four seasons gingerbread decorating 9 Four Seasons gingerbread decorating Four seasons gingerbread decorating 10 four seasons gingerbread decorating workshop four seasons gingerbread decorating 21 decorating gingerbread houses at the four seasons four seasons gingerbread decorating 22 decorating gingerbread houses at the four seasons four seasons gingerbread decorating 23four seasons gingerbread decorating workshop 27



At the end of the workshop, our faces reflected accomplishment and pride. Veteran decorators and amateurs alike bonded and celebrated each other’s outrageously creative designs.


This was a memorable event and we decorated four gingerbread houses at this fantastic Four Seasons event.  Of course it would have been nice to keep all four. However, in the spirit of the holiday season, my eldest son decided to spread the love and gift his gingerbread house to his 5th grade class for their end of year party.  What a great holiday gesture!


FullSizeRender (27)


I truly hope that this event will be offered again next year, as we are sure that everyone present thought that this sweet family holiday fun was spectacular and would love to be back decorating gingerbread houses at the Four Seasons.  For those who missed it, make sure you sign up for the Four Seasons newsletter to get up to date information on all their upcoming events. You can find all the necessary information here on their events page.




All in all, this event was a holiday experience that we will cherish for years to come!

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