Real Housewives of Silicon Valley: 13 reasons why this may not work out for Bravo

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The Real Housewives franchise hoping to settle down in the Silicon Valley?

Word has been swirling around for a while that the Real Housewives franchise maybe  hoping to expand into Silicon Valley.  I recently heard from a friend that they are piloting the show in the Bay Area, and was pretty shocked.  Of course, we think that the franchise is repulsive, degrading, and full of inflated drama.  But who can really blame those of us who find our guilty pleasure in the comfort of watching the shows, consequently increasing their ratings and encouraging this negative behavior?

With quite a few franchises under Bravo’s belt (Beverly Hills, Ocean County, New Jersey, New York, Miami, Atlanta, and now Potomac), why not reach out to the most connected area in the country? Before Bravo comes rushing over to the Bay Area in the hopes of finding gold in our housewives, perhaps they should reconsider their move for these 13 15 reasons:


Real Housewives of Silicon Valley: 13 15 reasons why this may not work out for Bravo.




1. Aerial shots of drought stricken front yards and cramped properties may not live up to the sprawling luxurious properties and expansive mansions that the real housewives franchises are known for.


2. Founder, CEO, and programmer husbands do not have the same authenticity as – let’s say -someone who serves time in jail or rehab.


real housewives cars


3. Although Teslas photograph very well, Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Lamborghinis actually make a flashier statement.


4. Talking over someone while discussing the effects of global warming is a high ratings killer.


5. Gossiping about “friends” claiming bankruptcy over a failed start-up is not as controversial as saying that someone claimed bankruptcy because that person was actually entitled to.





6. Drinking cocktails and champagne midday, while picking up kids from school and afterschool activities, may be considered irresponsible.


7. The national viewership may not fully grasp the storyline behind trying to get your baby into Bing Nursery School, at Stanford.


housewives teresa


8. There are not many restaurants in Silicon Valley that will allow table flipping while their patrons look on in shock.


9. Lululemon and Patagonia clothing are not ideal confessional gear.



stanford vs cal


10. Drama over whose alma mater is better is not really a producer’s dream. They would prefer ‘throwing shade”,  “tea spilling” and “pulling wigs and weaves.”


11. As if we don’t hear the word start-up enough…


12. We are convinced that back massages feel way better than backstabbing.




13. There are not enough 6 inch stilettos in town to go around.


14.  With so many Silicon Valley households having double incomes, and quite a few housewives in the workforce, it is going to be hard to convince HR to have a camera crew hang out at the office to catch the drama – unless it’s a startup, and the drama is part of the go-to-market strategy.





15. Each of the Housewives’ franchise ladies hold an item in one hand as part of the promo: New York holds an apple, Beverly Hills holds a diamond, Atlanta holds a peach.  Will the Real Housewives of Silicon Valley be holding Google’s Nexus or Apple’s iPhone?  We do not want a divided community. 


So maybe it would be wiser for Bravo to rethink their strategy and redirect their attention towards areas that can meet their rating-booster needs in a more efficient manner. I may just be wrong. Do you think that Bravo should sneak into the Bay Area?

4 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Silicon Valley: 13 reasons why this may not work out for Bravo”

  1. I live in the Bay Area and have an exciting life along with some exciting friends that are well educated, good looking and well off. We would love to be a part of the cast!

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