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Online Dating: How I found love online


Love Online


How I found love online

This is a personal story very close to my heart! It’s about a time, way back when we knew very little about the vast black-hole that was the internet. People still used super slow dial-up connections, and we were kind of wary about sharing any information online. It was in this climate of skepticism and resistance that chatrooms on various interests began to appear. Chatting started to become popular, and was considered exciting, if slightly risqué, and provided a mechanism for the internet to start connecting people from around the world. Out of this medium instant message was born. Fifteen years ago, I met my husband online, on AOL. He sent me an instant message by searching the AOL communities. This was back when you needed to purchase a monthly subscription to be able to connect to the internet, and thinking up unique usernames was almost as much fun as finding all kinds of different people to befriend in the AOL communities. Sending photos, however, was definitely not feasible, and everyone banked on the anonymity the internet gave us to be more comfortable with this new mode of communication. I was not looking for love online, but it found me.

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Palo Alto Neighborhoods


Palo Alto neighborhoods

There are a multitude of factors to be considered when one is looking to relocate, and finding a new place to call ‘home’. Even within a single city, the general atmosphere, as well as the facilities available, can drastically change when moving from one neighborhood to another. In Palo Alto, there are a variety of areas, all promising different living experiences, to choose from. Today we shall attempt to talk about some of these regions, just to get a sense of what they are like, and to make a comparison among them much easier.

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Decorating a small space: 5 design tips

My living room. Home decorations for small space
My living room. Home decorations for small space

5 tips for decorating a small space

With real estate prices being as high as they are, and rents skyrocketing, affording large houses is not an option for many of us. Add to that expenses such as children’s education, childcare, activities and medical bills, not to mention the added time and maintenance that large houses require, and one is almost thankful for smaller homes!

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A blog about a family of five in Palo Alto

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