The scoop on the 8 best ice cream shops in Palo Alto: Did yours make our list?

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 8 Best ice cream shops in Palo Alto


There is no doubt that ice cream is one of the most famous and loved frozen treats everywhere around the globe, definitely not just in Palo Alto. With summer slowly sneaking in and hot weather teasing us each day a little more, ice cream has it in its power not only to refresh people, but also to make them genuinely happy! From the classical vanilla flavor to unexpected combinations such as celery, raisins, and peanut butter, there is something available for all tastes! If you wish to treat your kids to something special this summer – and, let’s be honest, parents will love it too!- the following 8 best ice cream shops in Palo Alto are definitely worth a visit…or more.  Continue reading

My First Mother’s Day In Palo Alto and the start of a great tradition

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My lovely kids



Last Mother’s Day, which was extremely poignant for me because it was the first Mother’s Day since my mother had passed, my husband arranged for me to spend the weekend in Yountville, Napa Valley Area. He felt that I needed some time to relax, reflect and cry.  The meaning of Mother’s Day changed for me last year. 

This year, even if I had insisted on spending Mother’s Day at some swanky hotel, touring wineries, being in total solitude and sobbing that Mother’s Day will never be the same again, my kids would not have let me. My 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter have a vested interest in how I spend Mother’s Day – and they wanted to enjoy it with me. How could I have it any other way? They had planned the entire day with their dad’s help and, after all, I should be celebrating with them as they single-handedly made me a mother.  Continue reading

Kid friendly restaurants in Palo Alto

Kid friendly restaurants in Palo Alto
Kid friendly restaurant

Kid friendly restaurants in Palo Alto


If you are like me, a busy mom with three young kids and a husband that functions with limited kitchen skills, then every now and then you deserve a vacation from your kitchen, and that’s where a meal at a kid friendly restaurant comes right in.

Most children like eating out especially at kid friendly restaurants, as they often create a welcoming atmosphere (not the type where people frown at the idea of your kids disrupting their perfect meal), they have kid’s menus, and of course expectation of a messy table. Kids also enjoy the experience. Continue reading

10 Birthday party ideas for kids in Palo Alto

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Palo Alto birthday party ideas


For most kids (and some adults), there is no day more special than their birthday! They might not understand what it means to be a year older, nor visualize all the responsibilities that adulthood brings, but they definitely know they will get cake, presents, and tons of special attention on this day! Personally, I think birthday parties are a way of showing my love to my children, and hoping they understand that this day, I am celebrating their uniqueness, and my joy at having them in my life. Every year, I start thinking well in advance of my eldest son and daughter’s birthdays to try to come up with a new and fun way to style their birthday bashes. (I start birthday parties at 3 years, so my 2 year old will have one next year).  Continue reading

5 Date night restaurants in Palo Alto we love

Date night restaurants in Palo Alto

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5 Date night restaurants in Palo Alto we love

I truly enjoy spending quality time with my husband, and raising 3 children makes it even more challenging to do so. The person who invented date night may have had us on mind as this is just the fix that helps sustain our relationship and makes us realize that among all the chaos, we need to make time for us.

Our key to choosing a winner date is great food, great atmosphere, ability to connect. Here are our top 5 date night restaurants in Palo Alto that fulfills our date night craves

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