On the Run in New York: Marathon, Reunion and a whole lot of fun


Last weekend, we all followed my husband, Stew, to New York as he participated in the New York City Marathon. Although Stew travels to New York for meetings regularly, and I had been due to layovers and a family celebration, we had not been back there as a family in over two years. So, when Stew mentioned that he was running his 4th NYC Marathon, we all wanted to be there to support him.


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Ten best places for kids in the San Francisco Bay Area that grown ups will enjoy

10 best places for kids in the Bay Area


The Bay Area is an oasis of wonderful places for kids to see and experience.  Surprisingly, grown ups will enjoy these places just as much as the kids. This summer is the perfect opportunity to do some fun family sight seeing and exploring.  For some of us, with guest visiting from out of town, it is a great time to check out the Bay Area and beyond.

Here are quite a few of our favorites that we have visited and totally love.


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Las Vegas Family Vacation: 10 of our great ideas

Las Vegas Family vacation Planning a family vacation is always challenging, but planning a family vacation for 5  for a non-conventional Las Vegas family vacation  is really ambitious. My husband was brave enough to suggest the idea, and I was nutty enough to evangelize that I can make it work. Off course I can, I am the queen of travel concierge and a resourceful mom. Continue reading