Managing your kid’s screen time: Believe it or not there is an app for that


So much has transpired since getting back into our groove after an amazing summer: Our 11-year-old started middle school and making new friends; our 9-year-old daughter is now in 4th grade and getting in touch with her creative side; Ronan, our 4-year-old son is in his last year of nursery school and is obsessed with dinosaurs; Stew has been very busy with work; and I have been heavily involved in the Palo Alto Elementary Math Adaptation Pilot as a committee member; Konstella is doing great, as we continue to impact school communication around the country.  I am finding that whatever time I have available, I need to spend it wisely. So taking away and hiding kids devices, in hard-to-find places around the house in order to regulate screen time is certainly not on my ideal task. There is an app for that and it is called OurPact!


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Real Housewives of Silicon Valley: 13 reasons why this may not work out for Bravo

Portrait Of Female Friends Enjoying Night Out At Rooftop Bar


The Real Housewives franchise hoping to settle down in the Silicon Valley?

Word has been swirling around for a while that the Real Housewives franchise maybe  hoping to expand into Silicon Valley.  I recently heard from a friend that they are piloting the show in the Bay Area, and was pretty shocked.  Of course, we think that the franchise is repulsive, degrading, and full of inflated drama.  But who can really blame those of us who find our guilty pleasure in the comfort of watching the shows, consequently increasing their ratings and encouraging this negative behavior?

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Just in time for holiday Shopping: Tesla opens a store at Stanford Shopping Center

tesla store at stanford


Palo Alto headquartered Tesla, has made it easier to pick out your new Tesla while picking out your new outfit.


Tesla at Stanford shopping Center


tesla stanford shopping center





FullSizeRender (21)


During a recent trip to the Stanford Shopping Center, I was pleasantly surprised to see the electric car maker’s new shop blending perfectly with the rest of the retail stores that call Stanford Shopping Center Home.


FullSizeRender (23)


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Opened for just over one week, the new Tesla store has found a home close to Apple and sandwiched between Coach and Louis Vuitton. This is not the first shop of its kind in the area, which solely focuses on sales and roadside assistance. There are at least four more: in Santana Row, Walnut Creek, Corte Madera and Monterey.  This seems to be an obvious trend since Tesla cars are made to order, and the added value of convenience plays a key role in getting Teslas in the hands of consumers.


FullSizeRender (19)


tesla charger



Stanford Mall is an ideal location, and attracts the clientele to support this move, even though there is another Tesla store that offers sales, service and roadside assistance, less than 3 miles away. With the recent Model X launch and the Model S’s high ratings from Consumer Reports, Tesla does expect lots of interest in its vehicles, especially in the Silicon Valley area, where the car is not only manufactured and a favorite among techies, but there are lots of electric car chargers, which makes owning a Tesla much easier.


tesla stanford shopping center


Shoppers seem to love the new store, which is large enough to host 3 Tesla cars and a shell base, with a design studio and friendly staff. While I was there, I met a shopper,  Andre Oosterlinck, President of Leuven University, who was  visiting from Belgium, and said that he is in the market for a Tesla.  He mentioned that he has an electrical engineering background, and appreciates a car like Tesla.  He passionately declared that Tesla, is not only a leader in having a great product, but is a game changer in the automotive industry.




He is definitely right. I think that the automotive industry is looking at Tesla as a company to emulate and to act as a catalyst in ushering electric cars to the masses.  With Google and Apple both launching their own electric cars in a few years, and a few other car makers following suit, who knows what the industry will look like a few years from now.


There is something inherently special about a Tesla car – the look, the feel, and of course the cat eyes.  So the next time you are at Stanford Shopping Center, and you feel the urge to part with tens of thousands of dollars, and own a piece of American history, then, a Tesla may just be in your future.  Check out their selections.



Ten best places for kids in the San Francisco Bay Area that grown ups will enjoy

10 best places for kids in the Bay Area


The Bay Area is an oasis of wonderful places for kids to see and experience.  Surprisingly, grown ups will enjoy these places just as much as the kids. This summer is the perfect opportunity to do some fun family sight seeing and exploring.  For some of us, with guest visiting from out of town, it is a great time to check out the Bay Area and beyond.

Here are quite a few of our favorites that we have visited and totally love.


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Do you need help around the house this summer? 10 website that will make life easier

Palo alto busy mom


One of the biggest stresses parents face these days is finding the time to do it all. You want to spend quality time with your kids, yet you also have to juggle work, keeping the house clean and still try and make time for yourself. It’s a tough balance, but luckily there are some great websites out there to help.

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You’re Invited: Online invitation companies we love

baby shower1
My Baby shower at Bedford Post Inn

Every time a celebration rolls around I think it should always be an excuse for a party. I have hosted quite a few birthday parties for my children, as well as parties for the grown-ups, including 9 milestone birthday parties, baby and bridal showers. That’s quite a number of parties under my sleeve, and I wholeheartedly enjoy the experience. To me making someone happy and seeing a smile on their face brings me the most joy. I get so much of a high out of throwing parties for others. I prefer to be on the giving end than the receiving end.

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8 websites that will make your kids love Math

smiling little girl in white blank t-shirt


It is quite the ambitious responsibility for me to help my elementary age children with Math. It is not because I am not comfortable with the material, but rather, now in their formative years, I am no longer the superhero Math helper, and my kids tolerance level for me helping them is dreadfully low. I am still trying to figure out when and why the shift happened, but I am sure that I am not alone. Thank goodness there exists various options that can bail us out in case we find ourselves in need of some extra options to help with new Math concepts or for simple reinforcement. Continue reading

How I divorced Comcast and saved hundreds of dollars in the process



We recently had to get new cable service (I will explain why in another post), and all we really wanted Comcast to do was to transfer our existing service to a new location. They agreed, and set up an appointment for installation. We decided on a date and time window. I was thrilled, because life without the Internet for me is similar to having a bridge to nowhere, as most of my news and information come from the Internet. Continue reading