College Terrace Market Opens in Palo Alto

College Terrace Market Opens in Palo Alto


college terrace market 10


A new grocery store that has added to this list of fantastic places to shop for locally grown foods and locally sourced products, opens here in Palo Alto. The long awaited College Terrace Market located 2100 El Camino Real, had its soft opening this past Wednesday, and will officially host its grand opening in two weeks.

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LA’s favorite eatery, Lemonade, is coming to Palo Alto


LA’s favorite eatery, Lemonade, is coming to Palo Alto

Last night, I was invited to the grand opening of Lemonade San Francisco, the newest member of the Lemonade family of fast casual restaurants.  This is the first of a series of restaurants opening up in the Bay Area.
In a few weeks, Lemonade will be making its way to Palo Alto and opening a much larger restaurant on University Avenue, across from Pizza My Heart.

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Renting in Palo Alto: Our personal story

Rent (1)


Renting in Palo Alto: Our personal story

There are quite a few reasons why Palo Alto is considered one of the best places to live. The abundance of parks, protected open space areas, smart people, great restaurants, fantastic public and private schools, a myriad of city resources, and a culturally diverse environment are only some of the fantastic reasons that tempt people from all over the world to make Palo Alto their home. Not to mention that Palo Alto is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley’s tech industry, with Stanford University as a backdrop. Unfortunately, for many people this lifestyle comes at a price that escalates with each new resident that is born or moves here and with each existing resident that lives longer and decides not to move away for their retirement.

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Just in time for holiday Shopping: Tesla opens a store at Stanford Shopping Center

tesla store at stanford


Palo Alto headquartered Tesla, has made it easier to pick out your new Tesla while picking out your new outfit.


Tesla at Stanford shopping Center


tesla stanford shopping center





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During a recent trip to the Stanford Shopping Center, I was pleasantly surprised to see the electric car maker’s new shop blending perfectly with the rest of the retail stores that call Stanford Shopping Center Home.


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Opened for just over one week, the new Tesla store has found a home close to Apple and sandwiched between Coach and Louis Vuitton. This is not the first shop of its kind in the area, which solely focuses on sales and roadside assistance. There are at least four more: in Santana Row, Walnut Creek, Corte Madera and Monterey.  This seems to be an obvious trend since Tesla cars are made to order, and the added value of convenience plays a key role in getting Teslas in the hands of consumers.


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tesla charger



Stanford Mall is an ideal location, and attracts the clientele to support this move, even though there is another Tesla store that offers sales, service and roadside assistance, less than 3 miles away. With the recent Model X launch and the Model S’s high ratings from Consumer Reports, Tesla does expect lots of interest in its vehicles, especially in the Silicon Valley area, where the car is not only manufactured and a favorite among techies, but there are lots of electric car chargers, which makes owning a Tesla much easier.


tesla stanford shopping center


Shoppers seem to love the new store, which is large enough to host 3 Tesla cars and a shell base, with a design studio and friendly staff. While I was there, I met a shopper,  Andre Oosterlinck, President of Leuven University, who was  visiting from Belgium, and said that he is in the market for a Tesla.  He mentioned that he has an electrical engineering background, and appreciates a car like Tesla.  He passionately declared that Tesla, is not only a leader in having a great product, but is a game changer in the automotive industry.




He is definitely right. I think that the automotive industry is looking at Tesla as a company to emulate and to act as a catalyst in ushering electric cars to the masses.  With Google and Apple both launching their own electric cars in a few years, and a few other car makers following suit, who knows what the industry will look like a few years from now.


There is something inherently special about a Tesla car – the look, the feel, and of course the cat eyes.  So the next time you are at Stanford Shopping Center, and you feel the urge to part with tens of thousands of dollars, and own a piece of American history, then, a Tesla may just be in your future.  Check out their selections.



Stanford Dish will be closed starting next Monday: here is a great alternative

why is the Stanford Dish closed


If you are like many people in Palo Alto and surrounding areas, you may use the Dish for regular exercise, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, clearing your mind, or just having a great moment with your family.  Sadly, for many including my family, the Dish will be closed from July 13th to August 16th.

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