Real Housewives of Silicon Valley: 13 reasons why this may not work out for Bravo

Portrait Of Female Friends Enjoying Night Out At Rooftop Bar


The Real Housewives franchise hoping to settle down in the Silicon Valley?

Word has been swirling around for a while that the Real Housewives franchise maybe  hoping to expand into Silicon Valley.  I recently heard from a friend that they are piloting the show in the Bay Area, and was pretty shocked.  Of course, we think that the franchise is repulsive, degrading, and full of inflated drama.  But who can really blame those of us who find our guilty pleasure in the comfort of watching the shows, consequently increasing their ratings and encouraging this negative behavior?

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Polo Ralph Lauren Stanford Shopping Center location scheduled to close in two weeks

The Stanford Ralph Lauren location closes on October 15th!


ralph lauren stanford closure


After the LA store was recently closed, the Ralph Lauren Stanford location will remain open until 15th of October.

Sadly, Polo Ralph Lauren, a store that has been the pillar for over 26 years at the Stanford Shopping Center, will be closing its doors within 2 weeks and employees will remain on until the end of October.

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American Girl Doll: Experiencing the hype


Historical dolls
Historical  dolls

So Reagan recently decided that she wanted to upgrade the look of her favorite American Girl Doll, Addy, with something a bit more contemporary. Since she is a historical doll, I was a slightly disappointed that she wanted her out of her “slave clothes” attire (Reagan’s terminology) and put her in some cute tennis outfit. I had read the story of Addy to her when she was a little younger and concluded that the story was definitely a bit heavy to burden such young girls with. I am sure that Addy would not have been able to enjoy a game of tennis, in her time, but in Reagan’s eyes, the history of the doll was not as significant as the way Addy looks.

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The frugal fashionistas guide to shopping in Palo Alto

frugal fashionista guide to shopping in palo alto

Frugal fashionista

Although there are no true discount stores in Palo Alto, one can occasionally find a steal or sale going on at the many shops spread out at the very well appointed Stanford Shopping Center (yes there is a mall on the Stanford campus), downtown Palo Alto, in the vicinity of University Avenue or Town and Country Shopping Center. Venturing out into neighboring towns like Mountain View, Redwood City, San Carlos, Santa Clara or Sunnyvale to chain designer discount stores can often give that instant frugalistic relief of finding designer dabs at a fraction of their usual price. Continue reading