5 Date night restaurants in Palo Alto we love

Date night restaurants in Palo Alto

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5 Date night restaurants in Palo Alto we love

I truly enjoy spending quality time with my husband, and raising 3 children makes it even more challenging to do so. The person who invented date night may have had us on mind as this is just the fix that helps sustain our relationship and makes us realize that among all the chaos, we need to make time for us.

Our key to choosing a winner date is great food, great atmosphere, ability to connect. Here are our top 5 date night restaurants in Palo Alto that fulfills our date night craves


Very cozy, eclectic Vietnamese contemporary cuisine. The presentation of the food is just as artistic as the great artwork on the walls. Tamarine has the undeniable cool factor from the sleek chairs to the avant garde serving dishes. The simple eclectic mix of herbs and spices give the food a very flavorful taste. Tamarine Restaurant


Greek cuisine at its best. Service is just as divine as the gastronomical meals. Meals are prepared Hellenic style in an open cooking area. The wine list is just as impressive as the various choices of signature Greek dishes. Although a bit noisy, the atmosphere is lively and it does not hurt a bit to be dining in the midst of a slew of VCs. Evvia


If you are looking to spice up your date a bit without going to Las Vegas or infact New Orleans then Nola will make a great date night. The atmosphere is fun, vibrant, Southern foods with drinks that will bring out the carefree spirit in you and your partner. The artwork is eclectic as the crowd and the food and service are great. Nola Restaurant

Fuki Sushi

With so many intimate room options, it is not hard to find the right spot to whisper sweet nothings to further bond over an artistic flare of authentic Japanese cuisine. The meals sure won’t disappoint and the atmosphere makes you feel that you are in your own oasis. With a wide selection of fresh sashimi, you will not want the date to end. Fuki Sushi


Yes there is a fantastic French restaurant in Palo Alto, in the name of Baume. Their tasting menu will take you on a fantastic journey of the palates and make you remember, how far you have come from your first date to finding the true meaning of love. The amazing wine pairing will make you unwind and take in the food flare, that takes the word edible art to a whole new level. The food is organic and locally grown. The very intimate atmosphere is a definite highlight and the service is unparalleled. Baume Restaurant

We hope that you will enjoy them just as much as we did. Let us know your favorite date night restaurants in Palo Alto. We will make sure to check them out. Baume Restaurant

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