10 Reasons why the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos is a fantastic romantic getaway destination

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10 reasons why the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos is a fantastic romantic getaway destination

My husband and I recently went on a mini getaway to Los Cabos for a double celebration: our 15th Anniversary and my birthday. We decided on Cabo because we wanted to go somewhere close enough to home, yet far enough to feel like we are on a well-deserved vacation (Cabo is less than 3 hours from SFO). Over the years, we have stayed at some of the most amazing boutique hotels and resorts around the world.  So we really wanted to find a great hotel that would make our child-free getaway memorable.


We were first introduced to the One&Only hotels back in 2004, on our last of many child-free, Before Children (BC) vacation to Mauritius. We knew that we ultimately wanted to experience this lovely hotel group, but did not want to go back all the way to Mauritius to do so. So when Cabo came on our radar, it was a no-brainer that we really wanted to have our special celebration at the One&Only Palmilla. With the 100 million dollar renovation, the 65 year old resort had undergone due to the damage brought on by Hurricane Odile, we thought it could only get better.




To us, 15 years is a huge milestone. Obviously, we did not want to leave it up to chance to stay at a place that we would not enjoy, or that could hinder our romantic pursuit.  In 11 years, we’ve never had the opportunity to travel as a couple, since we are parents of three children with no immediate family nearby. So it’s not hard to imagine that we were truly looking for an experience that would last for another few years. Since my sister came over from Toronto to spend some time with us, we said to ourselves: ‘Why not?’ We are so happy we did! Our experience at One&Only Palmilla trumps all other previous experiences, making it the most romantic experience we have ever had.


Here is a list of the top ten reasons why we think that the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos is a fantastic romantic getaway destination:


1. Service



The One&Only is synonymous with exquisite service. From the pick-up at the airport to the check-in in our suite and the welcome celebration, every little detail was taken into consideration to make sure that our experience would exceed our expectations. The service was executed seamlessly and everyone strived to make sure that no stones were left unturned in delivering a memorable experience. We felt like royalty! It is amazing how we are not the only ones to feel that this experience is unique: The One&Only Palmilla makes every guest feel like royalty, and with the uniform gesture of placing their right hands on their hearts, it could only mean one thing “We welcome you from the bottom of our hearts”.


2. Butler and concierge



Each one of our moves was unerringly anticipated. This allowed us to focus on enjoying each other’s company, without having to waste time figuring out why, what, when and how. Our complimentary butler was very informative and friendly. He informed us of all the amenities, services, technology, and other things we needed to know to enhance our stay and make it extra special.


3. Food


The One&Only Palmilla boasts quite a few restaurants where you can enjoy romantic meals. While dining at Suviche, we were serenaded by a live band whose wonderful songs had us reminiscing of when we first met. The great views and the lovely music set just the right mood for romantic gestures and memories. The food was exquisite: the delicate sushi pieces melted in our mouths. Even the steak cooked on hot stones melted like butter.

Breakfast at Agua – overlooking the ocean – just takes the cake. We opted for the outdoor experience and enjoyed compelling views of the ocean. Agua offers a great selection and service.

At Seared – a steakhouse restaurant led by Michelin star rated chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten – we were simply blown away by the service and food. You can choose between various cuts and grades of meats, showcased in a glass enclosure, or you can enjoy a vegetarian or fish dish. The intimacy of the space – with its lovely candle light and low ceiling – made us feel like we were teenagers in love

Our dinner menus were personalized with our names and adorned with congratulatory messages. We received complementary deserts, and the all staff knew that we were there to celebrate both our 15th anniversary and my birthday.


4. Spa


How do you say 22,000 square feet of unbridled bliss without breaking into a beaming smile? The spa, which has gotten a total rebuild, and is by far one of the best spas we have ever experienced. The 13 private double treatment villas, ample outdoor spaces, the huge and spacious courtyard, the yoga garden, the barber shop, the covered pool, tons of water features, and so much more, all added to the ambiance of the spa and created a unique romantic escape.


Before the actual treatment, we were encouraged by the concierge to visit the spa 30 minutes earlier and enjoy the sauna and the steam shower. The Swedish Massage was phenomenal! We then enjoyed our relaxing and tranquilizing treatments, after which we received wonderful refreshing natural orange flavored water and berries on skewers. Then we were both led into a small private pool area where we received refreshing cold small towels and chilled cucumbers, water, macaroons, crackers and dried fruits, at our request. After getting out of the water, we relaxed and showered alfresco in a secluded outdoor shower. The closest experience to this was 15 years ago, on our honeymoon in Bora Bora.


5. Pools

One&Only Palmilla  3
Pool at One&Only Palmilla
The illusion of the infinity edge pool



The One&Only offers so many amazing pools, spread out throughout the property – the main ones are around Breeze and the Agua restaurant (Vista and Agua Pools). The infinity edge pools give birth to a surreal experience that puts imagination to a test. We enjoyed every minute of the time we spent in the water, relaxing on the comfy pool chairs or soaking in the nearby hot tubs.




One&Only Palmilla view



Every room at the One&Only Palmilla is well positioned to take full advantage of the fantastic views of the ocean. The soothing sounds and the uninterrupted views of the ocean can rekindle any relationship. As a matter of fact, there are so many other picturesque areas on the property that call for savoring every moment with a photo opportunity. We also highly recommend the patio outside of Seared to catch a perfect view of the occasional celebration fireworks at the resort.   Also nestled on a small hill on the hotel’s property is a quaint chapel with a striking white facade, surrounded by eye-catching gardens, and panoramic views of the property and beyond. We were honored to attend Sunday Mass, at this wonderful chapel.  We left feeling spiritually rejuvenated.


7. Accommodations


Sargent Photography
photo credit One&Only Palmilla
photo credit One&Only Palmilla



All rooms, suites, and villas are very well appointed. The generous spaces, with high ceilings and furniture both inside and on the private balconies, are meticulously selected to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Some accommodations offer their own private plunge pool which makes a perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous, and the property also offers villas for larger groups, especially those travelling with family.

We also loved the details of the doorbells near every door, and the very generous pillow menu.


8. Amenities


One&Only Palmilla welcome tequilla
Welcome Tequilla


Great amenities can make a big difference during your stay. It is the difference between having a great time and having a fantastic time. The complimentary amenities at the One&Only Palmilla include espresso coffee and tea makers in your room, Tequila upon arrival,  fruits on a daily basis, bluetooth enabled speakers, butler service, daily snacks, a kid’s club if your romantic getaway includes children, butler service at the pool, beach equipment at Pelican Beach, ironing of two garments during your stay, sauna and steam shower in the spa, fitness centre, use of La Veranda Lounge games, Wi-Fi throughout the property , and so much more.  There is a fabulous chic boutique, NEO,  a great  gift shop, golf club rentals, and truly the list goes on – all this to make staying at the resort more pleasurable. If you are like my husband and I and you enjoy great amenities, then the One&Only Palmilla is the ideal holiday destination.


9. Staff

One&Only airport
Free Wi-Fi in this airport transfer SUV. Great staff!



I have to say that many  luxury boutique hotels and resorts offer great service. However,  what really stands out at the One&Only is the exceptional staff. The One&Only Palmilla differentiates itself by delivering bespoke services through highly competent and caring staff.  This is quite evident from top management to staff.  I had a conversation with Sebastien Arnaud, the Hotel Manager, and he mentioned that if your first stay at One&Only Palmilla you come as a guest, the next time you will return as family. This was very touching.  Who does not want to be part of such an incredible extended family?


10. Celebration



Similar to other great hotels, the One&Only allows you to fill out a pre-arrival questionnaire so they can tailor their service to orchestrate an incredible experience.  I simply filled out the information accordingly. To our surprise, when we got to our room, it was wonderfully decorated with a streamers, balloons, birthday card and a delicious chocolate birthday cake, fruits and snacks. It felt so surreal! And I instantly knew that our trip was going to be a fantastic one. The celebration did not end there. It continued to the restaurants. The Anniversary celebration also continued and we were gifted a mini red bucket filled with chocolate covered strawberries on lollipop sticks. What a great way to end a romantic getaway!


One&Only Palmilla 11



All this pampering has led me to the realization that the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos is a fantastic romantic getaway destination, and a great place to rejuvenate not only the body and soul but the heart  check out the renovated property!  

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons why the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos is a fantastic romantic getaway destination”

  1. I followed your review of O&O Palmilla to this blog. My husband and I enjoyed a splurge at O&O for our 10th anniversary (and special trip without our 2 kids). Since then, we have returned 3 more times as a couple. We come from the east coast, so it is not easy to get there, but it is always, always worth the time and the $$. Truly a special place for the 2 of us to reconnect. Last year, we gave in and brought the kids too! Of course they loved it, and the resort could not have been more accommodating. While that was a special trip, we returned again just the 2 of us this year. As 2 busy working parents, we need it. We went to the resort 4x pre-hurricane, and once since, and I can tell you…it is even better than it was before. From the minute we get into the taxi to leave the resort, we are already planning our next trip. I hope you make it back there as a family, but even more importantly, just the 2 of you. It is definitely our “happy place” as a couple…

    1. Thank you so much! It is a great place for a romantic rejuvenation when visiting as a couple. I look forward to taking our kids as well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. The legendary One Only Palmilla features spacious ocean-view rooms, infinity-edge pools, signature restaurants, the One Only Spa, a Jack Nicklaus 27-hole golf course, and one of the few swimmable beaches in Los Cabos.

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