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Holiday shopping at the Palo Alto Grocery Outlet


grocery outlet palo alto9


It is this time of year again! The holidays is a time for cooking and baking, cheering and celebrating.  This year we have decided that we want to enjoy our first Christmas in Palo Alto, and have abandoned our traditional travel plans, which always allowed us to travel away from home during all or part of the holiday season.

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5 Things you should not discuss at your company’s holiday party

Group people in santa hat at Xmas business party.

5 things you should not discuss at your company’s holiday party.


After a few years of hiatus, lots of company parties are making a huge comeback. This could be by virtue of that people are more social, and great party photos tell a great Facebook story about your company.  Also, companies have a little more cash and heart to celebrate the hard efforts of their staff, and show appreciation.  Here are a list of 5 things you should not discuss at your company’s holiday party. Continue reading

10 unique gift items for the kids on your shopping list

christmas gift


During the holiday season, we often find it to be a bit of a challenge shopping for the kids of our list, who truly deserve something unique, or may seem to have it all.  Here are a list of 10 items that takes it up a notch.  Continue reading

A list of negative behavioral words changed to positive ones

A list of negative behavioral words changed to positive ones

One of these ‘small’ things that I try to do is focus on what sort of words I use around them. I don’t need to explain the importance of not being verbally abusive – that is self-evident. What I mean is the usage of negative words when we talk to, or about, our children.  By being more careful in the sort of vocabulary we use to refer to our children, we can make the subliminal messages they get from us more positive. Let me give you a few examples of what I mean here. Continue reading

Losing my mother to pancreatic cancer – a personal reflection

Mom and mo


I recently lost my mother to pancreatic cancer in December 9th, 2013, on my husband’s birthday.  My life has been such a roller coaster as I try to keep my family constantly moving and almost feel that my grief is constant and incomplete.  Every now and then I shed a tear, as wonderful memories revisit, and thoughts of her keep lingering. Time does heal, in due time maybe her memory will only bring smiles and laughter.

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Food delivery in Palo Alto

Food delivery in Palo Alto makes life easy


food delivery in Palo alto



One of the most important, or at least the most time consuming, decisions facing most of us every single day is ‘what to eat?’.  It’s a question that continues to hunt us, especially if we are tasked with feeding our family. It almost seems like a constant melody that echos more at the end of the day – that never ending chorus of ‘What’s for dinner?’. Things are getting easier here is Palo Alto, though, with a number of companies that provide solutions to all our food related needs – from delivery ‘ready to cook’ meals, to ordering from a chef directly, to connecting you and your favorite restaurant. Continue reading

Choosing an elementary school in Palo Alto

Palo alto schools


Choosing an elementary school in Palo Alto is easy

As parents we all know that decisions about our children’s future, particularly when it comes to choosing the ‘right’ school, can be a major source of stress and anxiety.  It can feel like so much is riding on these choices, that the outcome could make or destroy the futures of our precious babies.   Continue reading

11 Types of moms you may meet

To honor the lovely moms that are in our lives, or those we often come in contact with, here is a fun and entertaining list of different types of moms.  Let’s have fun with this piece!  Here is our list of 11 types of moms you may meet.


1. Helicopter mom

The mom who is constantly checking on her child’s academic and other experiences.

what type of mom are you_helicopter mom

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