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10 Reasons why the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos is a fantastic romantic getaway destination

One&Only Palmilla views


10 reasons why the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos is a fantastic romantic getaway destination

My husband and I recently went on a mini getaway to Los Cabos for a double celebration: our 15th Anniversary and my birthday. We decided on Cabo because we wanted to go somewhere close enough to home, yet far enough to feel like we are on a well-deserved vacation (Cabo is less than 3 hours from SFO). Over the years, we have stayed at some of the most amazing boutique hotels and resorts around the world. So we really wanted to find a great hotel that would make our child-free getaway memorable.

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10 Most Popular Theme Parks Near Palo Alto

Theme parks near Palo Alto


10 Popular Theme Parks near Palo Alto

It’s summertime again! And, just like every summer, the theme parks near Palo Alto are tempting their visitors with a rich offer of entertainment opportunities. Undoubtedly, there is no better way to spend a summer day out than getting whizzed in the air at incredible speeds, soaking in the sun, or splashing in refreshing swimming pools. There is something to please everybody: kids, young-at-heart grown-ups, adrenaline junkies, or incurable romantics.

Below you can find a list of 10 most popular theme parks near Palo Alto area. Dare to discover your favorite one!

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Stanford Dish will be closed starting next Monday: here is a great alternative

why is the Stanford Dish closed


If you are like many people in Palo Alto and surrounding areas, you may use the Dish for regular exercise, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, clearing your mind, or just having a great moment with your family.  Sadly, for many including my family, the Dish will be closed from July 13th to August 16th.

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July 4th Celebrations in Palo Alto and around the Peninsula

July 4th celebrations in Palo Alto


There are quite a number of July 4th celebrations going on in Palo Alto and around the Peninsula.  Here are a few that you may not want to miss.

Palo Alto


Chili Cook-off:

The 34th Annual Palo Alto Chili Cook-off will be held at Mitchell Park, on July 4th at 12:00 PM.   This City of Palo Alto hosted event attracts thousand of people annually, who sample chili from various teams vying for the chili championship.  There will also be plenty of live music, ice cream for purchase, children’s activities, food vendors, live streaming of Women’s World Cup and much more. Tasting kits are available for purchase on-site for $5.  For more information visit: City of Palo Alto

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Ten best places for kids in the San Francisco Bay Area that grown ups will enjoy

10 best places for kids in the Bay Area


The Bay Area is an oasis of wonderful places for kids to see and experience.  Surprisingly, grown ups will enjoy these places just as much as the kids. This summer is the perfect opportunity to do some fun family sight seeing and exploring.  For some of us, with guest visiting from out of town, it is a great time to check out the Bay Area and beyond.

Here are quite a few of our favorites that we have visited and totally love.


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Our Summer begins with a Routine Cardiac Procedure at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital

Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital


My family’s move to Palo Alto has continued to be fruitful.  Today we  will be at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital for a routine cardiac ablation.


Our older son was on the wait-list at the pediatric cardiology department at Stanford for a very short while. When we found out that there was a cancellation, we scheduled  and he will have heart surgery today. For me this is not a moment of sadness or sorrow, it is a decision that my husband and I have come to after consulting with four cardiologists over a period of 6 years.  Each one advising that surgery is the better option for my son’s arrhythmia.  Continue reading

The scoop on the 8 best ice cream shops in Palo Alto: Did yours make our list?

various scoops of ice cream

 8 Best ice cream shops in Palo Alto


There is no doubt that ice cream is one of the most famous and loved frozen treats everywhere around the globe, definitely not just in Palo Alto. With summer slowly sneaking in and hot weather teasing us each day a little more, ice cream has it in its power not only to refresh people, but also to make them genuinely happy! From the classical vanilla flavor to unexpected combinations such as celery, raisins, and peanut butter, there is something available for all tastes! If you wish to treat your kids to something special this summer – and, let’s be honest, parents will love it too!- the following 8 best ice cream shops in Palo Alto are definitely worth a visit…or more.  Continue reading

Do you need help around the house this summer? 10 website that will make life easier

Palo alto busy mom


One of the biggest stresses parents face these days is finding the time to do it all. You want to spend quality time with your kids, yet you also have to juggle work, keeping the house clean and still try and make time for yourself. It’s a tough balance, but luckily there are some great websites out there to help.

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