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Polo Ralph Lauren Stanford Shopping Center location scheduled to close in two weeks

The Stanford Ralph Lauren location closes on October 15th!


ralph lauren stanford closure


After the LA store was recently closed, the Ralph Lauren Stanford location will remain open until 15th of October.

Sadly, Polo Ralph Lauren, a store that has been the pillar for over 26 years at the Stanford Shopping Center, will be closing its doors within 2 weeks and employees will remain on until the end of October.

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8 Apple picking orchards near Palo Alto

Apple picking near Palo Alto


Apple picking near Palo Alto

Though many of us may feel sad that summer is over, focusing on all the fun activities that fall brings will wash that sadness away. And apple picking in a delightful orchard is just the right activity to keep the whole family entertained…and healthy.  Moving to Palo Alto from New York, the changing seasons is something that we miss, and the apple picking tradition that our family had come to appreciate.  So, I have been doing some research on apple picking orchards near Palo Alto, and below you can find a list 8 of the best orchards in the near Palo Alto.

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Fabulous! The newly remodeled Four Seasons Silicon Valley is a must have experience


When you thought that the Four Seasons Silicon Valley had just reached perfection, the luxurious hotel chain just took it to a whole new level. This past Friday the Four Seasons in the heart of Silicon Valley celebrated its reinvention, with exciting new design transformations of guest rooms and public spaces. The much anticipated reveal, highlighted ample newly updated surroundings and thoughtful touches throughout the hotel.

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My son’s low stress 3rd birthday party

palo alto park birthday party 1


Our younger son turned 3 last Friday, and we were elated to celebrate with him on his birthday. For our family 3rd birthdays are a big deal as we think that it is the right age that they truly can appreciate a birthday party and can be active participants. For our first two children, we went all out on 3rd birthday parties, (custom cakes, personalized favors, custom invitations mailed out, large rented spaces, more stress) and it may just be a New York thing to do. Moving here to Palo Alto, we are gradually learning that low key birthday parties are welcome, and for Ronan, having his party in Los Robles Park, one of the many parks that surround Palo Alto was just right. He is king of the playground, and extremely active, so it was a no brainer that we highly endorse park parties, especially for younger active children. Read our post about  birthday party ideas for kids in Palo Alto.  

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After destructive storm Dominica needs help

tropical storm erika


 Click here to Check out our video of the devastation

Dominica is considered by many as the most naturally beautiul island in the Caribbean.  It is very dear to my heart, as I had wonderful childhood memories growing up on the island.  It is rich with rainforests, mountains, valleys, enchanting flora and fauna, waterfalls, hot springs and boasts of 365 rivers.  Sadly, on August 27th, after heavy rain brought on by Tropical Storm Erika, the rivers generated extensive flashfloods, and caused severe devastation to this once prestine island.

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Goodbye summer, hello first day of school


summer stanford 2


As our family bids adieu to an exuberating  summer, this week, we welcome the school year with anticipation, reasonable expectation and the feeling of accomplishment.   We were afforded with so many highs throughout the summer, and just in case there were any lows, they  were stifled  by all the amazing experiences we shared.

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Single in Palo Alto? 11 suggestions on where to find a date

Single in Palo Alto: 11 suggestions on where to find a date


Many think that people move to Palo Alto when they are ready to start a family, and plant roots in a city where the education system rivals that of a private school education. There is this consensus that when you are single and you live in Palo Alto (sometimes not by choice), you are doomed in the love department.  We have a single friend who moved here from London, and we were thinking where in Palo Alto can she find a date. Well we took a closer look at Palo Alto, and we want to share with those who are single in Palo Alto, 11 suggestions on where to find a date.

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10 Reasons why the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos is a fantastic romantic getaway destination

One&Only Palmilla views


10 reasons why the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos is a fantastic romantic getaway destination

My husband and I recently went on a mini getaway to Los Cabos for a double celebration: our 15th Anniversary and my birthday. We decided on Cabo because we wanted to go somewhere close enough to home, yet far enough to feel like we are on a well-deserved vacation (Cabo is less than 3 hours from SFO). Over the years, we have stayed at some of the most amazing boutique hotels and resorts around the world.  So we really wanted to find a great hotel that would make our child-free getaway memorable.

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