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Three Northern California weekend getaway destinations that we love

car with a roof rack

When I moved to Palo Alto, almost two years ago, I promised myself that I was going to explore the entire Bay Area and beyond, scouting locations where I would want to spend a relaxing weekend.  Relaxing for me means not waking up before 7:00 am by one of my human alarms; not being in the kitchen like an inn keeper, accommodating various breakfast requests; or not hearing my name over and over again to direct me to settle scores, put peace, or to listen to stories about someone not being fair.  I am sure many can relate, and so as moms, we definitely need a break, to come up for air and also to claim our own identities. Continue reading

Ten reasons why Palo Alto home owners and renters should vote Yes on Measure A



By now most of you have seen the lawn signs, and some of you may have even gotten a call or an email from someone asking whether you will support Measure A, or the parcel tax proposition.  This may be new or even confusing to many, as this is not something that is voted on every general, state or county or city level elections, and there are no polling booths or fancy politicians campaigning.  However, the people behind the movement are parents like most of you, who live in Palo Alto and came here for the schools, and advocating for the support of Palo Alto Schools.  Many here are happy to reap the benefits of rising property value, one of the best districts in the state of California, and the synonymous view that Palo Alto equals education, and we can all thank the parcel tax for helping to maintain this type of branding.  Continue reading

Academic redshirting your child: Is it a good or bad thing

Kindergarten children sitting at desk and writing in classroom


While picking out a kindergarten for your child remains a nerve-racking process, yet another decision that us parents have to think deeply about is the age at which our babies should start going to school. There have been a lot of debate on this, and I for one see nothing wrong with the idea of redshirting especially for the social adjustment of children.  I do not support it as a means to giving children an edge, which many parents are guilty of doing.  For those of you unfamiliar with this term, redshirting is the concept of delaying school admissions by a year beyond the age of entrance eligibility. This is especially considered for children who have birthdays in the latter half of the year. Instead of joining school at age 5, parents are holding back their children until age 6. Continue reading

NASA’s manned mission to Mars a success: Three women at the helm of this scientific breakthrough

Woman astronaut


This is definitely wishful thinking, but it could certainly be a reality.  By the year 2035 NASA wants to have its first manned mission to Mars, and we could have three female astronauts at the helm of this scientific revolution and even more women spearheading the mission.

As we celebrate Women’s Day 2015, I feel that our focus should fully embrace the push for more women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.  This shift may not totally eliminate the wage gap, but would give women a better chance of becoming innovators, and helping to not only change their trajectory, but change technology.   Continue reading

Is Barron Park neighborhood one of the best kept secrets in Palo Alto?

bol park donkey
Bob Frost donkey handler

We have been living in Palo Alto for almost 2 years now and one neighborhood that has been highly rated for many reasons is the Barron Park neighborhood. One of the experts on this neighborhood is none other than Gwen Luce who is a long-time resident and a renowned real estate agent in the community.  Here is what she had to say about Barron Park: Continue reading

8 websites that will make your kids love Math

smiling little girl in white blank t-shirt


It is quite the ambitious responsibility for me to help my elementary age children with Math. It is not because I am not comfortable with the material, but rather, now in their formative years, I am no longer the superhero Math helper, and my kids tolerance level for me helping them is dreadfully low. I am still trying to figure out when and why the shift happened, but I am sure that I am not alone. Thank goodness there exists various options that can bail us out in case we find ourselves in need of some extra options to help with new Math concepts or for simple reinforcement. Continue reading

How I divorced Comcast and saved hundreds of dollars in the process



We recently had to get new cable service (I will explain why in another post), and all we really wanted Comcast to do was to transfer our existing service to a new location. They agreed, and set up an appointment for installation. We decided on a date and time window. I was thrilled, because life without the Internet for me is similar to having a bridge to nowhere, as most of my news and information come from the Internet. Continue reading

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