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Is Barron Park neighborhood one of the best kept secrets in Palo Alto?

bol park donkey
Bob Frost donkey handler

We have been living in Palo Alto for almost 2 years now and one neighborhood that has been highly rated for many reasons is the Barron Park neighborhood. One of the experts on this neighborhood is none other than Gwen Luce who is a long-time resident and a renowned real estate agent in the community.  Here is what she had to say about Barron Park: Continue reading

8 websites that will make your kids love Math

smiling little girl in white blank t-shirt


It is quite the ambitious responsibility for me to help my elementary age children with Math. It is not because I am not comfortable with the material, but rather, now in their formative years, I am no longer the superhero Math helper, and my kids tolerance level for me helping them is dreadfully low. I am still trying to figure out when and why the shift happened, but I am sure that I am not alone. Thank goodness there exists various options that can bail us out in case we find ourselves in need of some extra options to help with new Math concepts or for simple reinforcement. Continue reading

How I divorced Comcast and saved hundreds of dollars in the process



We recently had to get new cable service (I will explain why in another post), and all we really wanted Comcast to do was to transfer our existing service to a new location. They agreed, and set up an appointment for installation. We decided on a date and time window. I was thrilled, because life without the Internet for me is similar to having a bridge to nowhere, as most of my news and information come from the Internet. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day through the ages: My 7 different meanings and experiences


Valentine's Day cards my kids made to distribute to their friends a few years ago.
Valentine’s Day cards my kids made to distribute to their friends a few years ago.


So Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it has definitely taken on a variety of meanings for me in my lifetime.


The American holiday


In the 70’s when I was born, we rarely celebrated Valentine’s Day, as it was not a popular holiday to celebrate in Dominica back then.  It seemed to be referenced more as an American thing, that was celebrated on television shows and in magazines and books.

Continue reading

The many paths we traveled: Our quest to find child care in Palo Alto

My son at Halloween
My son at Halloween

Am I the only one to think that childcare options in Palo Alto are a bit crazy?

When we moved here from New York, I was super excited that our home was close to numerous childcare facilities, including the center run by PACCC. I immediately went to their office to put my child’s name on the waiting list, as I heard that it was an arduous process. My son thus went on their list for the 3-days per week program when he was a few weeks short of one year old, and today he still remains on the list at almost 3. I have to mentioned that my reference point is Westchester County and I have never had an issue finding qualified care for my two other children when there was a need. My older son started at Our Montessori when he was 18 months and he was there full-time 5 days a week, as I had a retail business and needed him to be enrolled in a full-time program. It was a fantastic experience!

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American Girl Doll: Experiencing the hype


Historical dolls
Historical  dolls

So Reagan recently decided that she wanted to upgrade the look of her favorite American Girl Doll, Addy, with something a bit more contemporary. Since she is a historical doll, I was a slightly disappointed that she wanted her out of her “slave clothes” attire (Reagan’s terminology) and put her in some cute tennis outfit. I had read the story of Addy to her when she was a little younger and concluded that the story was definitely a bit heavy to burden such young girls with. I am sure that Addy would not have been able to enjoy a game of tennis, in her time, but in Reagan’s eyes, the history of the doll was not as significant as the way Addy looks.

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What have we gotten ourselves into



Oh boy, what have we gotten ourselves into

My daughter recently had her bridging and rededication ceremony into her school’s Brownie troop.  Last year, she was a Daisy and enjoyed it so much, that she wanted to continue with the group. After numerous gatherings, badges, pins and a few official and social events, her days as a Daisy are over and now the real work begins (well for the parents). Life as a Brownie.  Continue reading

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